Thursday, March 13, 2014

Latest Obsession: Earthships

Like something out of a sci-fi film. These homes have me drooling. Wanna know why? Of course you do.

They are made using about 45% recycled materials. Which is good for your soul, and the earth. They also are practically self-sustainable. Here's more info:


Rain water is caught on the roof of your home, then funneled into a holding area underground. It is filtered before reaching you in your home for consuming/showering. That waste water is contained and treated in interior botanical cells (with the added bonus of growing yummy crops). It is then used in your toilets. Last, it is contained and treated once again in external botanical cells (landscaping) or held in a conventional septic tank. This system adds no pollution to aquifers. Talk about getting the most out of your water!

The best part about this is that you aren't dependent on city water. If any sort of natural disaster or another event that disrupts the availability of clean water happens, you will have no worries.


Your home harvests solar and wind energy to power your various appliances. There is no need for energy to heat/cool your home, which I'll get to later. Again, you are not dependent on city electricity, so if tragedy strikes, you will still be able to function normally.


This is the part that's really cool. In the least complicated way to describe it, the homes use a combination of the sun's heat, insulation, and the cool deep earth mass to keep the inside at a fairly constant comfortable temperature. All while using NO electricity. Sounds too good to be true!

Now do you see why I'm obsessed?! There are a few different standard models, or you can completely customize it to your needs. A main point is that you are a part of the building process. They highly recommend learning how to build the homes, and helping to build your own. So rewarding. One day...

Now prepare to drool with me while looking at some awesome photos of Earthships. For more info, visit their website.