Thursday, February 13, 2014

"The Pill" Is Going Down The Toilet

Can I get a HOO-RAH!?!

It's time for celebration! This is something that I've wanted to do for a very long time, but I didn't have the courage to deal with the onslaught of adolescent-year side effects that came with the quit.

Some background info: I've been dealing with ovarian cysts for quite some time. The solution? Birth control pills. When that didn't work? Up the prescription to something stronger. And when that didn't work either? Up it again! 8 years later…. Here I am.

Well I'm sick of taking something that isn't helping. And is in fact just flooding my body with unnecessary hormones that are in turn causing a number of other effects. (Effects that I really, really don't want anymore!)

So much research out there points to another solution for cysts. Fixing a hormonal imbalance. This can be pretty tricky, and involves avoiding some foods that I love, but well worth it.

During my research I stumbled upon the website of Elle Griffin, who helps people like me get their hormones in check and live the life they want to. Best part is, she offers a free Ditch Your Birth Control Guide that helps you make this important decision, and what to do next. Basically, she's a kickass rockstar of a person.

So, now that the decision has been made, I'm starting her month-long(ish) Post Pill Cleanse to get my body back on track. (Don't worry, I'll be documenting the entire journey!)

If you are currently taking a form of hormonal birth control, I highly suggest checking out Elle's website, she has so much information to give!